Yosef and his brothers judging him
vision of Chanukkah
the dream of the baker, the dream of the cupbearer
miraclous things that accompanied the people of Israel in the desert thanks to the merits of Moses, Aharon and Miriam: manna, Glory Clouds and wandering well
Rebecca was extremely uncomfortable during her pregnancy and went to inquire of God why she was suffering so. According to the Midrash, whenever she would pass a house of Torah study, Jacob would struggle to come out; whenever she would pass a house of idolatry, Esau would agitate to come out. Thinking that she was carrying one baby who was displaying conflicting propensities, Rebecca sought enlightenment at the yeshiva of Shem and Eber. There she received the prophecy that twins were fighting in her womb and would continue to fight all their lives. The prophecy also said that the older would serve the younger; its statement, "One people will be stronger than the other" has been taken to mean that the two nations will never gain power simultaneously; when one falls, the other will rise, and vice versa. [Wikipedia]
the Midrash tells, when bound Isaac lied on the altar and Abraham wiped his slaughtering knife at him, the angels in heaven cried with burning tears. they fell into Isaac's eyes and blinded him
King David's dance
Miriam the Prophetess, to the right, little Miriam saving baby Moses, to the left
Jacob's wrestle with a mysterious being across the ford Jabbok. When the being saw that he did not overpower Jacob, he touched Jacob on the sinew of his thigh, and as a result, Jacob developed a limp. [Wikipedia]
after Moses had brought the Tablets of Law for the second time, his face was beaming, and he had to cover it with a mask when he came out his tent to talk to people
three angels visiting Abraham.
Torah teachers explain: angel is a function, similar to a robot.
Esau returned to his brother Jacob being famished from the fields. He begged his twin brother to give him some "red pottage". Jacob offered to give Esau a bowl of stew in exchange for his birthright (the right to be recognized as firstborn), and Esau agreed. [Wikipedia]
Kabbalah says, Esau had been killed by an angel, who cut his head off with a sword, and it rolled to the Patriarchs' Tomb in Hebron, thus Esau was buried with the Patriarchs, thanks to his special attention to paying honor to the parents, which is a crucial trait in Judaism.
Ruth collects left ears of wheat
Bookof Ruth
Ruth enters the barn where Boaz rests.
Bookof Ruth
the sons of Korach who rebelled against Moses repent while falling into the abyss
Midrash on Bemidbar/Numbers
prophet Jonah inside the giant fish
Book of Jonah
imagining the giant fish that swallowed prophet Jonah as a bathyscaph
Book of Jonah
phrophet Jonah sitting under castor-oil plant that grew during one night. the city of Ninveh that had to repent or be destroyed by God - to the left
Book of Jonah
twelve spies examining the fruit of the land of Israel
Kharvona, the cunning fox.
Book of Esther
queen Vashti
Book of Esther
Sifri Devarim: And Naftali was pleased with his lot: he had a lot of ships
The Midrash compares Moses to the sun and Joshua Bin-Nun - to the moon
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